No.1 Ranking on Google, in their Local City

A local Professional service business approached us for their website’s SEO.

They were a Brand New business, and Brand new to the city where they opened their business.

The Target was to get clients to use sustainable techniques and SEO was the marketing channel that the client wanted to focus on. 

Fast forward to 6 months later, their website started ranking on their main Money-making keywords.

We have beaten multiple industry leaders who were established in the city and outranked every single website.

Currently, this client is generating regular clients who are actually looking for their services, which makes It easy for them to convert, without spending any money on ads.

No. 1 Rankings in 6 Months

The Challenge

  • They had very little authority on their website for Google to consider their website as the number 1 website to rank in first position.
  • They were not receiving any client from their website
  • The website had very little content on the landing pages and other relevant services pages.
  • The competition was strong and had authority websites linking to them.
  • Being a brand new website they also were not producing any blog articles.

The Results


Organic leads generated.


Increase in calls from Google Business Profile.


Increase in organic traffic.

In 6 months the website started ranking on number 1 and to this date is ranking on number 1. With our blog creation, we outranked multiple national brands, and our website blogs started to rank in number 1-2 positions. Client business increased 1000%. People who are looking for their service are contacting them without making my client any effort in marketing or networking.

Now our client is selecting which person they want to work with because of the High volume of leads.

SEO can change your business; combining other marketing channels can make your business a profit-generating machine. 

We implemented the following changes:

  • We started off our project by performing multiple meetings, understanding their client needs, and pain points.
  • From our discussion we extracted keywords, that their potential clients are searching for their needs.
  • Gathered the competition list
  • We started our keyword research process and created a map of keywords that are relevant to the business.
  • Performed SEO audit and fixed the issues.
  • Did technical SEO to find if there is any roadblock from the website’s tech that can hinder SEO performance.
  • We then created a whole website architecture based on our keyword research.
  • Kicked off our Backlink campaign to get initial backlinks to the website. 
  • We then simplified the website structure and started to internally link the pages with each other, based on our website hierarchy.
  • Once done, we then optimize the pages with on-page SEO using NLP keywords.
  • Created blog articles relevant to the topic we want to rank to create a Topical authority.
  • Our blogs started to rank and over the period with containing SEO improvements, our client became the Number 1 website in their city.

How much could your Project cost?

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Real Estate PhotoGhraphy Sherbooke


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