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150% Increase in Organic Traffic

Our client from Ontario, Canada, a chemical manufacturing business specializing in small and medium-sized fleet companies, had a website that was not performing well in terms of organic traffic. They were seeing minimal traffic and had a low conversion rate as well.

The Challange

The client approached us with the goal of increasing their organic traffic and improving their website’s conversion rate. They wanted to attract more potential customers to their website and convert them into paying customers.

We implemented the following changes:

We had an in-depth discussion about their business, and their business model to completely understand their revenue model so we can create our strategy accordingly. We started by improving their website’s SEO. We optimized their website for the keywords that were most relevant to their business and provided them with content that was both informative and a lot engaging.

After we improved their SEO, we turned our attention to improving their conversion rate. We created a more user-friendly web design using their existing CMS for their website and made sure that the call-to-actions on each page were clear and concise. Lastly, we implemented a tracking system so that we could track the progress of our efforts and measure the results over time.

The Results

As we were making these changes we started seeing a gradual increase in organic traffic Within 4 months, we increased the client’s organic traffic by 150% compared to the previous year. 

Additionally, the re-designed website pages led to a higher conversion rate, resulting in more paying customers for the client. The client was happy with the results, and their website continues to perform well in terms of organic traffic. They gained huge clientele during that four months, and to date, they are ranking on their targetted keyword on google.

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