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Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist

This isn’t just another SEO checklist you stumble upon. This checklist is the result of over two years of rigorous testing, refining, and perfecting. It’s the ultimate tool that my team and I live by while handling big-ticket clients worth over $50,000. Now, I want to share this golden ticket to SEO mastery with you.

You’ll be able to plan your SEO strategy for the upcoming months and align your efforts to achieve the goals and results your clients expect.

SEO Audit Checklist

Stop Guessing, Start Strategizing: Grab Your Ultimate SEO Checklist Now

Exclusive Offer $29.99 Just for First 50 Users

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This checklist is for serious SEO strategists who understand the nitty-gritty of SEO. You know who you are: You are familiar with advanced SEO terminologies, and you know what to look for and how to analyze it.

If that’s you, this checklist will be your roadmap, your secret weapon.

Not everyone will make the pricing cut. And once the copies run out, they’re out.

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– Basic SEO Audit

-Detailed SEO Audit

– Page-Specific Audit

-DesignUX audit

-Important Pages site audit

-CRO audit

NOTE: This is an SEO Checklist, the purpose of the checklist is to guide you on what things you need to validate on the website. This checklist is for someone who knows SEO, if you don’t know SEO this checklist isn’t for you. 

Exclusive Offer $29.99 Just for First 50 Users

Increasing Price to 47.99 Afterwards 

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